January 4, 2008

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The gorgeous Jamaican, Indian, & Aruban Was Born Racquel Service on May 22nd in the beautiful island of Jamaica To Richard And Carol Service. As a toddler, Racquel was always a tomboy that loves to pull things apart, play ruff and climb on trees. Growing Up as a youngster, Racquel was more liked than her sister Alicia throughout their community in jamaica. Months before Leaving Jamaica, Both racquel and her sister was rewarded as the "fastest sisters" for their primary school that year in 2001. In 2002, she migrated to the United States; where she felt misplaced and Lonely. Being uncomfortable because of her strong jamaican accent that was used durning socializing with people, She starting a new Elementary School. Racquel was always teased about her skinny legs and no " drunk in her trunk". With a low self esteem and lack of confidence;
Racquel Started entering pageants and School activities. At the Age of 13, was where she formed an interest in modeling and acting but actually took it serious at the age of 14. She remembers the days she used to practice walking in her mom's shoes and modeling in her mom's clothes as if she was on the runway. Service was first shot by a close friend,that wasn't professional in the industry. After couple views from friends, website viewers, and directors; Racquel knew modeling was where her name belong. At a tender age, Racquel still had doubts, so she participated in athletic sports; such as Track & Field and Soccer. She had many different career fields in mind,however she stood tall with the option of becoming a Model/Actress. She've worked with various photographers, modeling agencies and directors to help gain knowledge of the industry and to aid in establishing her work. Racquel is a young active model who stays in shape by playing sports, working out daily, and eating healthy. One of Racquel's fantasy is to make her parents proud and although she has been through alot since becoming a model, she realizes, "Nothing comes easy." With self-motivation and support from her Close Friends and Family, She is determined to become one of the world's greatest supermodel. She's known as the girl always With A Smile. She is known as the second child to her parents,along with her older sister "Alicia" and Baby brother "Richard Jr.". Racquel have worked with many different People in the industry of modeling. Since 2011, Racquel has this idea of Creating her own Lingerie line called "Ria Lola". With a yound mind and talented ideas and creations, Racquel stands strong and stable on accomplishing that dream.